buy contact lenses online

The first thing any online contact lens buyer should look for is a guarantee. If a company guarantees their product is genuine, there's a good chance it is.

Is it Safe to Purchase Contact Lenses on the Internet

It is safe to buy Contact Lenses Online when research is done and caution is used. There is no difference from the contact lenses mailed to the doctor’s office and those mailed to the front door, if they are actually from the same manufacturer. Buying Buash + Lomb contact lenses for the office, or getting them online is merely a matter of the delivery address and the price.

Risks Involved

The risk involved online is greater due to scam artists and E commerce companies that mislead customers. This is where caution becomes a benefit. Do not order lenses solely based on the lowest price. There are times when that low price means low quality. Knock-off products will not be as comfortable or as accurate are contact lenses from leading manufacturers.

Those lenses are a waste of money and can damage eyes. No savings will be enjoyed in that case, in fact, that will simple add to the cost of those real lenses when the inferior ones have to be replaced immediately. Eye infections and vision loss is not worth a few dollars.


There are experienced and reputable E commerce companies that provide top brands at very low prices. The way the lower pricing is accomplished is a combination of low operational costs, massive amounts of business conducted, and arrangements made between manufacturers and the distributor. Find out how long the site has been operating, if there have been any complaints about the site, and who owns it.

Read some independent reviews from those who have already purchases contact lenses from the companies you are considering. It may be worth it to go on the manufacturer site to see if there is a list of online distributors included. Ask friends and family if they buy lenses get it cheaper online, and from which site. Check with the eye doctor as well, the doctor or office manager may have recommendations to offer.

Small Initial Order

In order to determine if the company provides quality lenses, place a minimum order at first. Wait for those lenses to arrive and try them out. If they are correct, comfortable, and from the desired manufacturer, place in a full order for the contacts needed. That will only incur one extra shipping cost, which will typically be flat rate anyway. Purchase one box of lenses from the doctor so the process of selecting an online site is not rushed. Vision and optical health are important so do not take unnecessary chances.